What is Somatic Healing?

Trauma Resolution through Mind Body Healing
Somatic Healing is a holistic mind-body approach used to address the relationship between stress stored in the body and nervous system dysfunction. Often times nervous system dysfunction manifests itself in the form of physical pain, mental and emotional illnesses and energetic imbalances. 

My work supports your body’s natural resilience by helping you to restore  and experience healthy activation and settling cycles in your nervous system. Somatic healing can be utilized during challenging life transitions (birth, death, relationship changes, physical illnesses) to support the nervous system and in order to move through a difficult period with more presence, ease and an embodied sense of self.  

I combine over 20 years of shamanic and energetic healing practices along with more advanced study in Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution, traditional psychotherapy, somatic psychology and bodywork techniques to support your mind, body and spirit in integrating the multi-dimensionality of your being.

Clients report feelings of greater emotional stability, calmer states of being, the ability to respond to stress with more skill and the ability to move on from events that perhaps seemed impossible at one time.